About Us

Water Solutions for Africa is operated by the Christian East African Economic Development Trust (CEED) a 501 (c)3 non-profit.
We concentrate on helping East Africans help themselves by sponsoring and encouraging self-sustaining projects to build their communities in three essential areas. First, to be a community who is spiritually healthy; living and loving like Jesus. Second, to be a community who is physically fit; improving the health and well-being of individuals and families. Third, to be a community where workers earn ongoing livable wages.
To view our finances: 2019 Annual Report
To contact our office: by phone: 412.889.6642;  by email:jill@ceed-trust.org
Our all-volunteer Board of Directors serves at their own expense.

2019 Board of Directors:

Graham Hodgetts, President

Pete Cady

Worth Helms

Frank Klein

Greg Kobulnicky

Mark LoDico

Mike Passineau

Bethany Panther Raraigh

James Stevens

Amy Travis

Jim West


Herbert Asiimwe, CPA, Executive Director, CEED Uganda

Jill Whitecap, MBA, US Business Manager